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LYDIA KRUMPHOLZ, Professional Boudoir Photographers Association Judge, Germany


Lydia Krumpholz is a German based boudoir photographer. Her style is strong, sensual and emotional. Her speciality is in building unique sets in her studio, a deep understanding of light, and thoughtful editing.

My photography journey started in 2006 when I began studying design and photo design in Munich. During my studies, I especially loved fashion and editorial-style shoots. When I opened my first studio in 2010, I offered fine art nudes, boudoir, and many other things like newborns, weddings, and families. After I moved to my new studio in 2019, I took the leap and decided to specialize in boudoir.

The search for a deeper meaning in my work was always extremely important to me. I want to take more than pretty pictures. I want to have an impact on my client’s life and change it for the better. With boudoir, I was able to offer exactly this. I give my clients a safe space to see themselves in a new loving way and show them how awesome they are without the need to change anything! And have fun while doing so!

Boudoir is so much more to me than just my job. The community I was able to build, the peers I met, the friends I made, the difference it made in my self-love journey, and last but not least, the business I was able to build.

PBPA is like a missing piece in the boudoir world. A space for growth, discussion, constructive competition, and inspiration. I’m sure we will see the next big boudoir trends here and lift each other to new standards.
I’m more than honored to be a judge for this ambitious project and can’t wait to see the incredible art everybody will submit!

LYDIA KRUMPHOLZ, Professional Boudoir Photographers Association Judge, Germany

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