Any boudoir photographer who has a passion for mastering their craft and wants to learn how streamline their business.

Yes! If you’re just getting started in the boudoir photography business, our membership program will help you build a solid business foundation while honing in your craft to build a beautiful portfolio to attract your ideal clients. 

We believe that no matter what level you’re at you can always learn something new. You’ll learn all of the business and boudoir photography secrets from our seasoned judges, giving you an opportunity to implement new systems, a new niche, and new brand into your business,  or just fine-tune the small details for more efficiency.

This contest is open to residents worldwide but is subject to U.S. law. You must be eighteen (18) years or older to submit photographs as an entry into this contest. Working judges cannot participate in the contest.

Yes, the Competition is open to international entries except where prohibited by law.

The judges score each image in each category using the following six criteria:

  • Expression & Connection. Connection between photographer and subject is the most important part of creating a beautiful storytelling image. This includes facial and eye expressions that match the mood and pose with softness throughout the face.
  • Composition. Good composition brings the viewer’s eye right to the subject. Judges will be looking for distractions, leading lines, negative space, use of cropping, depth of field, color, contrast, curves, viewpoint, shapes, and visual tension.
  • Lighting. Lighting will make or break your photograph, and knowing how to use it is essential. Judges will be looking for the use of lighting, detail in shadows, and how the shadow falls on the subject.
  • Posing. Boudoir photography requires intentional posing. Judges will be looking for flattering poses and whether or not the pose matches the mood.
  • Overall Technique. Technique includes everything it takes to make an image: equipment, lighting, location, setting, post-processing, storytelling, and styling.
  • Post-Production. The key in post-production is to enhance the photograph without overdoing it. Judges will be looking at the following to determine whether or not it was overdone or not retouched enough: Skin, the brightness of eyes, hair, color balance, and use of textures, brushes, and filters.

There is no limit to the number of entries. You may enter as many as you like.

Digital images should be saved as a .jpg with a color profile of sRGB, long dimension of 1920 pixels, at 300 dpi. File size should not be larger than 512MB (uncompressed).

Yes, you, the photographer, retain copyright to your photographs. By entering this Competition, you grant a royalty-free, non-exclusive right to Professional Boudoir Photographers Association LLC to use, copy, display, and publish, your submissions for any commercial or non-commercial purpose in connection with the promotion or advertising of the Professional Boudoir Photographers Association Competition on the website and all social media outlets.

No, you retain copyright to your photographs.

No. Images will be judged anonymously. 

Award winners will be announced on December 30, 2021.

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